Boudoir Photography

“boudoir photography is an intimate type of portraiture for the everyday woman”

Boudoir Styles

There are

Black & White Boudoir

Great noir shoot. Black & white makes for dramatic images.  During the editing process we can find some great images for the black & white.

Bridal Boudoir

Let people know what your brand is about. This is your opportunity to talk about your team, your purpose, and what you offer.

Location Location Location

I currently do not have a studio because I travel to the destination. I work mainly in California from San Luis Obispo to San Jose, Ca. All studio  equipment travels with me for my portable studio.  There are many places for a boudoir photography sessions.

Your home, if that makes you more comfortable. However, if choose to have a session elsewhere, there are options to choose from, depending on your location. Some of the places that are available are boutique hotels, B&B’s, the beach, the forest or anywhere else that might work as an outdoor studio.

The Beach or Outdoors

There are great beach places for a boudoir shoot. Trees are also great for boudoir!

A formula for a successful boudoir photo shoot.


One of the most significant ingredients is communication. From the first meeting by email, phone, or text, I will be asking many questions to get to know you, so the shoot goes exactly as we planned!

In order for your photo shoot to be a success we will be planning every detail from hair & makeup to the location of the shoot with what wear the most important.


Anything that makes you feel comfortable.  

That is the most important one of all. Anything that makes you feel empowered and sexy is fantastic way for a boudoir photography session! Make sure you try on your outfits so as they are not too tight or too loose. You want them to make you feel fantastic for your boudoir shoot. It will show in the photographs. Also, go through each piece and gently remove every tag on your lingerie, as they will appear in close up shots and ruin it. Another good tip is to store each outfit together in a Ziploc bag. It keeps you organized, and you won’t leave anything important behind. There is a download of a checklist to help you get organized. Below are some ideas for clothing and shoes.

Just remember, wear what makes you feel gorgeous!

For a more comprehensive list of what to expect and how to prepare for your boudoir photo shoot.

Under the Covers

Boudoir Photography

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